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I've been wearing Hanes briefs and socks for over 20 years. Everything used to be made of nice, thick material that actually felt like a quality product when you opened the package.

NOT ANY MORE! In the past, I've always purchased from a retail store (Wally-world) and ended up with a good product. I bought a package of Hanes ankle socks via about 6 months ago, and cannot say the same. When I pulled the first pair from the package, they felt like women's sheer stockings.

You could read a book through the material, they were so thin. I wore one pair, fresh out of the package, for about 12 hours, inside my work shoes. I'm an auto shop owner and spend most of my time just walking around, visiting with customers, or in the office on the computer. When I took the socks off that evening, there were holes in the big toes of both socks.

My toenails aren't long or sharp, BTW. The same happened with the second pair. OK. So I bought another package of the exact same product from Wally-world and they were the old, thick socks I've grown to love.

Fast forward to now (Christmas, 2017).... I got a package of these exact same socks (from Wally-world) and a package of the Tagless, Men's midrise, dyed briefs (also from Wally-world) for Christmas. I figured "amazon's" stuff was made cheaper to sell cheaper, and the retail stores would still have the "quality" stuff........ NOT SO MUCH!

These socks AND briefs are made so cheaply, and from such thin material, that I'm afraid I'll put holes in them with my fingers just pulling them on! I've worn 3 pairs of the socks and briefs so far. The socks all come off with holes in the big toes. The briefs haven't started coming apart yet, but the second pair was considerably tighter than the first and third, and the waistband was way more flimsy and rolled over when pulled up.

I'm so far beyond disappointed with Hanes products. I will not remain a Hanes customer.

Quality is obviously NOT a priority anymore. When searched via Google about where Hanes briefs are made......"This plant in Wei, in central Vietnam, is one of the firm's five new Asia factories, two in Vietnam, two in Thailand, and one in China." Try U.S.A

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $45.

Preferred solution: Bring back the quality I was able to purchase a few years ago..

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totaly agree... the "new" socks are garbage !!!


I have noticed that Hanes socks and t-shirts are so thin and don't last like have benn for 25 years.This happens with so many products anymore that so aggravating.

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